About H*Bomb Photogene

Hello there,

My name is Heather, and I’m a scientist in the SF bay area who apparently has a wordpress problem. I have a baking blog, a professional website, admin-ed my former lab’s website, a wedding website, and I’m now introducing a photography blog.

My Daddy got me a Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas in 2012 after I’d practically stolen his and taken 500 photos on it on that year’s Thanksgiving weekend. Way to pick up on the hint, Dad-duh. ūüôā Now that I’ve had my camera for almost a year, I’ve found I mostly used it for lab protocols (borrrriiiiiing) and when I was struck by particularly striking scenery.

I decided in September 2013 that I wanted to challenge myself to a photo site. I had been spending more time in the MacArthur area of Oakland. There is a particular alleyway on 40th Street that has a gate protected by barbed wire, but the door is painted with an asymmetric brocade-like pattern. And while sipping a cappuccino in front of this alleyway, I decided that to start this blog.

The name of the site comes from the etymology of¬†photography:¬†photo-¬†meaning “light” and¬†-graph¬†meaning “drawing” or “writing;” thus the word¬†photograph¬†means “drawing with light.”¬†Other early terms that were considered for¬†photograph¬†were¬†heliograph, “drawing with the sun,” and¬†photogene,¬†“produced by light.”

Initially, I intended this to a be a photo-a-day blog, but as I continued taking pictures, I found myself getting more and more picky about what I wanted to upload. So with the new year (2014), I have decided to share the best of the best photos that I take. I aim this year to share only photos that resonate both aesthetically and emotionally with me.

I hope you enjoy!

per aspera ad astra

IMG_2071 copy


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